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Kailu-Kona Volunteering

Beer Volunteer Commitment

29th Annual Celebration and Benefit

Saturday, March 9, 2024, 3:00 to 7:00PM

Mahalo for donating your time to join the Kona Brewers Festival in raising funds for Hawaii’s environment, culture and youth. This year, we will have 30 breweries. We’ll need 45 volunteers this year, to pour and serve and ensure tokens are received for each sample. We’ll also assign people in each circle to provide assistance and relief.

All Beer Pourers MUST attend the Volunteer Training on Saturday, March 9, 1:00pm 

Location: at BREW in Storage Bay A, just South of Lot 12 where the festival will be taking place


At this Volunteer Training, you will receive

  • Instructions from the Dept. of Liquor Control
  • Your volunteer admissions wrist band, T-shirt and commemorative mug
  • Your station assignment
  • Complete list of beers being served throughout Festival
  • We will have light refreshments available for you to enjoy till 2:00


Please go to your assigned station by 2:15. Notify a Circle Monitor if you have a special circumstance and you need to be reassigned.

  • Check that beer tap handles are attached / screwed on.
  • Circle Monitors will provide you with tasting cups to sample what you’re pouring. No tasting after the gate is open to public.
  • Start serving beer when guests arrive at 3:00, or as soon as Blessing concludes
  • When pouring, pull the handle forward all the way with one quick motion and then back up
  • Fill tasting glass to the top
  • Additional wooden tokens are available for purchase at retail booth, $2 each.
  • Beer Pourer must place all wooden tokens in lauhala basket. Eyes will be watching.
  • Beer has been donated to the Kona Brewers Festival and belongs to the event, not the brewery that made the donation. Brewery staff is allowed to “taste” their beer to make sure it is good and pouring properly. Beer/Brewery staff are not allowed to pour.
  • Please wait to eat food samples until paid guests have had the opportunity to start sampling food.
  • Bulk water and cups are stationed throughout the event.
  • Kegs should have some ice and cool water around them throughout the day. Check in with the Odom draft technicians, Kelly, or your circle monitor if concerned about temperature.
  • At 7:00PM or once keg is empty, you must unscrew beer tap handles and pop off the yellow handle to remove hoses from keg.
  • Return taps to Tiny Bubbles.

If you need assistance at any point in the festival, find your Circle Monitor, Kelly, or an Odom Draft Technician.

Questions? Contact Volunteer Coordinator: Kelly Reilly,