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Brews for a Better World-Now That’s Something to Drink to in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii!

Being part of the solution is exciting!  Over the years, we’ve seen hundreds of community hands transform over 20 truckloads of festival scrap to compost growing healthy food for local kids while farming poisonous carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.

Hawaii Green Event Certification has been achieved  three  years in  a row.

We aren’t done yet!  Achievable new goals make for an invigorating new decade; encouraging festees to minimize negative carbon travel tracks while our team works to offset the rest.

New technologies and concepts inspire our team to keep striving!  We are especially encouraged by Project Drawdown.  Our local actions are making global contributions!

Check out our ever-expanding sustainability initiatives and their connection to global CO2 emission reduction:

*Biodegradable wrist bands – NEW!!  33,000+ plastic tabs and straps eliminated from festival grounds!

*Reusable Mugs – Glass beer mugs are provided.  Reusable glass cups eliminate thousands of disposable cups and make groovy collectables.

*Reusable Sporks – Bamboo sporks eliminate over 12,000 disposable forks. Your spork is sourced from a student group on Maui whose teacher learned about sporks from our festival! #sporkitup

*Biodegradable single use items – Restaurant food service ware is compostable paper made from renewable, plant-based materials.  Compostable food-service ware is provided by Sustainable Island Products; a local leader in forward-thinking restaurant supply.

*Zero-Waste stations – Volunteers help guide scraps into bins at various tables.  After the festival, volunteers load compost into a big truck for delivery to a school garden program just 3 miles away from festival grounds.  School gardeners incorporate compost into studies and benefit from nutrient rich soil.

 Composting   Solution #60   Project Drawdown

*Water Monster Stations – Bulk water is provided via reusable, chilled, 150-gallon bulk dispensaries.

 Recycling Centers – Volunteers gather, haul, and transport all cardboard, office paper, HI 5s, and glass discards. Paper is transformed into compost, cardboard is recycled; Recycled Paper Solution #70 Project Drawdown.

*Upcycling bins – Shrink wrap and ice bags are necessary but non-recyclable.  Volunteers separate and sort, clean and deliver, for re-use as packaging by local collaborating artists and produce bags.

*Reusable infrastructure – Scrips, kits, signage, displays, and containers; we haul out volunteer-cleaned equipment every year to collect and transport items we produce every year.

*Trash Fashion Show – Our signature dumpster couture show brings together fun music and enthusiastic volunteers while demonstrating revolutionary uses for everyday dump stuff.  One persons garbage could be a Recycled Rune way red-carpet masterpiece.

*Information Booths – Our non-profit festival’s s honing source of sustainability are the local groups than benefit from every ticket sale.  Providing Big Island-based,      Drawdownslike farmland restoration, #23 and bike infrastructure #59 and conservation agriculture #16, look for information about festival beneficiaries.