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Kuleana Rum Shack

Kuleana Rum Shack- On this beautiful Island of Hawaiʻi, we respect and honor the land still forming under our feet. We cultivate, harvest, and fish sustainably. We look after our community.

In Hawaiʻi, where most of life happens outside, we celebrate everything, from birthdays, anniversaries, to holidays in our garages which provide shelter and comfort for our friends and family to have fun. We clear out the cars, bring in the picnic benches, music and celebrate with food and drink. In honor of this tradition, we built the Kuleana Rum Shack as our garage and welcome you to share traditional Hawaiʻi-family food and enjoy our locally made Kuleana rum.

Kuleana Rum is made right here on the Island of Hawai‘I from 40 heirloom varieties of kō (sugarcane), which we harvest by hand, press, and distill into Kuleana Hawaiian Rum Agricole and blend into Kuleana Huihui®. We also blend our KuleanaNanea® from exceptional rums we discovered around the world.  

To complement our signature rum cocktails, our chef Keola Valdez worked hard to create an authentic menu that takes its inspiration from generations of Hawaii’s best recipes.  We set out to take flavors and techniques from every island to create dishes that you would normally find in our homes and recreate them for our guests to “taste our culture”.

Eat, drink, have fun and go home with a bottle of rum and happy memories of your new Kuleana ʻohana.

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