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Ka Po’e … The People

The 2022 Kona Brewers Festival will not be a fundraiser due to financial hardship caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The 2022 Festival will be a much smaller gathering, but still be a high-quality event that is respectful of Hawaii’s cultural values, sustainable environmental practices, community-based programs and positive experience for residents and visitors alike.

In years past, we‘ve been able to donate $100,000+ per year to our community because ticket sales support our operational expenses. Kona BrewFest 2022 will not a fundraiser as we need to conserve our resources so we can come back strong and stable in 2023 and contribute to our community for many more decades.

If you are a Beneficiary from past years, mahalo for your continuing support. We really appreciate the essential programs, projects and services that you provide. We hope you are faring well enough in these extraordinary times. Hosting the 2022 Kona Brewers Festival without our usual distribution of excess revenues allows us to hold the dates, maintain our community relationships, cover minimal annual overhead costs and keeps alive the KBF values of celebration and collaboration.

We will need some volunteers for the March 2022 Kona Brewers Festival. If you can lend a hand, please call Kate, 808-987-9197 or email We’ll try to match up with a fun job.

We will post the 2023 Beneficiary Application HERE in July 2022.

The Kona Brewers Festival is truly a heartfelt event in Hawaii. People from all walks of life come together at this event. People meet, catch up on each others lives, work hard together, celebrate success, promise to support each others initiatives and then go back, energized, to continue to deliver their diverse programs.

The Kona Brewers Festival organizers are humbled by the generosity and amazing talents of our island community. It is with great pleasure to note that over the past 26 years, the Kona Brewers Festival has become one of Kailua Kona’s premier events and raised $1,400,000 for well-deserving non-profit organizations.

All of the beneficiaries contribute to the success of the Kona Brewers Festival by recruiting volunteers and professional expertise. Careful evaluation is made to ensure that these organizations effectively achieve their goals and meet critical needs in our community. Priority is given to groups that share resources as well as continually strive to improve and create collaborative programs.

The following organizations are past Beneficiaries of the Kona Brewers Festival. We encourage you to check out these websites and continue to support their good work throughout the year.

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