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Talking Trash at the Kona Brewers Festival

We love to Talk Trash at the Kona Brewers Festival!  One of the very first beneficiaries of the Brew Fest was Recycle Hawaii.  This program brought recycling to the island for the very first time.  Since then, Kona Brewers Festival has funded dozens of island programs dedicated to the environment, youth and culture.  Kona Brew Fest is also a celebration of local and participatory art, so a perfect marriage of art and sustainability is represented in the annual Trash Fashion Show.  Festival Go-ers delight in the high energy spectacle that shows off the original designs created by our team of local “trashanistas,” while we all get a reminder about how we can each manage waste more responsibly in our everyday lives.

So, who are the “Trashionistas?” The costume designer/performance artists are local artists and friends, and they meet together throughout the year to swap materials, lend areas of expertise, and choose a rocking playlist to excite the crowd at just the right moments.

In Recent years, the locally famous Rebecca Villegas has graced us with her exceptional Emcee skills, introducing each designer and piece and

connecting it to a story of how we can always do better with our waste management. Rebecca knows how to keep a good party going, and her own trash fashion designs always “Wow!” the crowd. Check the Kona Brewers Festival App for stage show times, and sip some craft beer by the stage to toast fashion and sustainability while front and center to the action.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Fashionista next year, drop us a line. The group begins meet ups in the fall of each year. CHEERS!

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