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Spicy Ninja Hot Sauce

Aloha from Big Island, Hawaii.


A uniquely handcrafted taste of paradise, naturally grown with rainwater filtered by rainbows in soil forged of volcanoes and legend.

Spicy Ninja Sauce is PROUD to call The Big Island of Hawaii home.  Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a sleepy yet still active volcano which is home to 11 of the 14 earth climate zones.  We craft fantastically tasty and singularly unique hot sauces with an eclectically wild and exciting array of flavors fashioned from local ingredients that represent tropical bliss and paradise.

Our aim is to change the very way you look at a bottle of hot sauce by doing all that we can, both mentally and physically, to bring you the very best business practices and artisan crafted sauces while helping you maintain a focus on your personal health and well being both internally and externally.

The rest we shall leave in your capable hands.

Aloha – Christopher & Lauren

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