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Adaptations are the ways we evolve to match our environment.

Our name indicates our desire to work closely with earth’s natural systems in order to strengthen society’s connection to our environment. It also indicates our ability to be resilient enough to change with the times while maintaining our mission.

Survival of earth’s living things, such as plants and people, depends on their ability to change with the earth’s environment. Survival of human social institutions such as governments, religions and businesses depends on their ability to change with humanity. Social institutions have a strong effect on the quality of life for the people associated with them and on the part of the earth’s environment in which they operate.

Adaptations Inc. strives to develop the connection between earth’s natural systems and people in a way that improves the resilience of both.

Adaptations are at the forefront of evolution. Adaptations Inc. is at the forefront of local sustainable agriculture in Hawaii.

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