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Your contributions have had a huge impact in Hawaii.

Together, to date, we have raised and donated over $1.44 Million Dollars:

  • $120,000 for youth culinary programs to ensure the next generation of chefs have the tools, skills, and education needed to succeed.
  • $150,000 for protecting and raising awareness of our beautiful, fragile ocean that surrounds us, nurtures us and unites us.
  • $210,000 for families who need a hug and helping hands during hard times; like a tsunami or rivers of lava, floods, fires, hurricanes …. Nature happens. Sometimes people need help.
  • $216,000 for public school gardens so that generations of people feel the joy of hands in the soil, talking story, and eating well. This is what makes Hawaii Nei.
  • $260,000 for environmental education initiatives so our keiki know how to create systems that are sustainable and attainable. They will inherit the Earth and deserve our guidance and attention now!
  • $390,000 for arts & culture projects, because with all the challenges facing our little corner of planet awesome, we need a creative community thinking in new ways in solid collaboration with ancient ways. There is needed wisdom in both.
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