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We’re honored to work with artist Kuhao Zane in 2014

Every year we feature an artist who designs the logo and sets the stage for the festival to come. This year we’re honored to work with Kuhao Zane. The bold orange logo he developed captures the celebration and natural live spirit of Kona Brewfest with the lehua blossom, our official island flower. Here he shares his beautiful memories of good times in Kona:

Kailua Kona…. KBF2014Logo

Still to this day there is a musk in the air, a color to the sunset and a sound to the waves. The perfect environment for a brew!

I can remember from early keiki years leaving Hilo headed to Kona to attend Graduation parties, Baby luaus, Weddings and what not. Every trip, we park at Old airport right around sunset. As you get out of the car the whiff of Hawaiian food hits the nose, music in the back ground and kids playing in the parking lot were all indicators that you were in the right place at the right time.

Late into the night, aunties and uncles sang, danced and the music seemed to never end…. With every new beer that opened the one word that accompanied the sound of beer bottles ching-ing together?


Our equivalent of the mainland “Cheers!” and the Japanese “Kanpai”. Literally, “With Love” every time in Hawaii.

KEALOHA! The sound of a good time in Kona.

SZKaiao & Sig Zane Designs with Kona Brewing Co. celebrate this good time of Kona Brew Festival 2014 by bringing together the pacific rim of drinking salutations in this years design!

Cheers, Kanpai, KEALOHA!

Alongside the Orange Lehua Blossom, a rare color of the flower of the big island. We not only salute the island and visitors alike but most of all we salute, KONA.Cheers, Kanpai, KEALOHA!


Kuhao Zane

SZKaiao & Sig Zane Designs

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