Monthly Archives: February 2018

Talking Trash at the Kona Brewers Festival

We love to Talk Trash at the Kona Brewers Festival!  One of the very first beneficiaries of the Brew Fest was Recycle Hawaii.  This program brought recycling to the island for the very first time.  Since then, Kona Brewers Festival has funded dozens of island programs dedicated to the environment, youth and culture.  Kona Brew Fest is also a celebration of local and participatory art, so a perfect marriage of… Continue reading

Kona Brewers Festival Announces Beneficiaries and Sponsors

It takes a village, and Hawaii Island provides! The Kona Brewers Festival is proud to announce the beneficiary organizations that will receive funding and contribute volunteer manpower to accomplish the 23rd annual Kona Brewers Festival!  Mahalo to the Kona Brewers Festival Sponsors for providing financial gifts to make our beloved food and beer festival a reality. And, Mahalo to you all! Every ticket purchase, volunteer hour, and sponsorship supports programs… Continue reading